Welcome to Crosspoint
Crosspoint is a Westbury based charity, founded on Christian values, providing a service to enable and support those in our communitty who have issues relating to well being, isolation, proverty or distress.
The Local Need
Crosspoint exist to help people with issues that impact them in the increasing complex society in which we all live.
Crosspoint provides a neutral space for sharing information and providing support.
Often people need help in dealing with matters affecting benefits, housing and social needs.  We are available to assist in accessing and communicating with organisations and goverment departments.
Our aim is to signpost people to the right support and to work along side them where ever possible.
We also act as the Westbury Food Bank, provide debt counselling, CV preparation and carry out personal counselling sessions. We have computers and free phone lines available for clients use.
Our Vision
What we do
Our vision statement is that we are a local charity, founded on Christian values, which seeks to promote the wellbeing of local residents and contribute to the relief of those in need, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race or religion.....
To provide a place where vulnerable residents with either emotional, psychological, health, housing or financial needs, and who fail to make the most of statutory provided services by reason of their social, health and financial situations can come for help and support......
Crosspoint (Westbury) as a Charity and Charitable Business
Crosspoint began as a company registered under the companies Act 2006 (registration number 07433738) and is classified as a "not for profit" organisation. The company has a board of directors.
In November 2014 Crosspoint (Westbury) achieved Charitable status (registration number 1149257) and operates as a charity while retaining the status of a charitable company.